Yandex launches a launcher for Android smartphones

Yandex launches in Russia and in other countries, the Yandex app Launcher for Android smartphones. Previously it was only available in Latin America. Launcher adds to the interface and new tools for everyday tasks, such as file search and contacts or sort the apps by folder.

Yandex Launcher gathers on one screen all the most important sites and apps that the user opens each day, and contacts of people which he calls a lot. To open the screen with one finger. The search string will allow you to find that anywhere: a file or contact on the phone, the app is in Google Play, response to any request — on the Internet.

Even if the smartphone hundreds of applications Yandex Launcher will simplify things for you: it can sort applications by category, and their icons and colors. This is useful if the application name has been forgotten, and remembered only the color of the icon. All apps from one category, say "Games" — can be assembled in a folder, and put it on the home screen. If you put on the phone one more game, it will be added to the folder automatically.

Moving the order on the screen, you can rest — and here the launcher is also coming to help. He will recommend interesting articles on the Internet and new apps that can be installed on your smartphone. Recommendations will be at everyone — they are made with the interests of the user.

Yandex Launcher is an experimental app. In Brazil, Mexico and several other countries it appeared in October, and today it became available in Google Play all over the world. The launcher weighs less than 7 megabytes and does not require powerful hardware. You can install the application on Android 4.1 and above.

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