Lenovo has introduced in Russia tablet Tab YOGA 3 Pro with built in projector

Lenovo is announcing the availability in Russia of the YOGA Tab 3 Pro, the world's first 10.1-inch tablet with built-in projector, capable of outputting an image up to 70-inch. The device offers branded multi-format and best-in-class support for multimedia entertainment.

In case YOGA Tab 3 Pro built-projector with the angle of rotation to 180 degrees. This allows the most convenient to place the device and to direct the beam to the desired surface. Technical characteristics of the projector give the opportunity to bright (50 lumens) high-quality image with a long side size to 178 cm (70-inch).

LCD screen with a diagonal of 10.1-inch has a resolution of QHD (2560x1600 pixels, 299 ppi density) and technology-enabled Smart Display. Paired with a projector it offers opportunities for personal and collective activities (watching movies, surfing the web, games, etc.), all with consistently high clarity and brightness of the image.

To accompany high-quality images loud and clear sound from the front panel of the tablet has four built-in JBL with support for Dolby Atmos. The exact setting can be made with the help of technology Wolfson Master Hi-Fi.

The pre-installed utility Smart Window 2.0 allows you to work with the device in multitasking mode: on the screen Tab YOGA 3 Pro, it becomes possible to simultaneously open three of the application.

Durable and slim body YOGA Tab 3 Pro is made on the basis of metal chassis and is finished with quality faux leather. It is well balanced, making it comfortable to hold in the hand in different positions. Protection against moisture in accordance with the standard IP21 allows you to use it outdoors in any weather, battery high capacity provides a long battery life (up to 18 hours) and support for LTE broadband wireless communication.

Model YOGA Tab 3 Pro in black color (Puma Black) is available in price 46 990 rubles.

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