Google released Android 6.0.1 for Nexus devices

Tablets and smartphones continue first Nexus updated to Android.

While "Samsung" and "chiscani" only prepared to take on Board a little "marshmallow", Nexus 5/5X/6/6P/7(2013)/9 got a fresh Marshmallow with index 6.0.1.

The version number it is clear that changes in the firmware a bit. Now Android recognize about 200 new emojis, thanks to support for Unicode 8.0. Also, the system became a little bit safer, and a navigation interface in cars easier and neater.

We're celebrating new emojis on #Nexus which start rolling out today!

— Nexus (@googlenexus) 7 Dec 2015

In addition, the smartphone Nexus 5 and Nexus 6 have adopted a useful feature of inheritance is: a double press of the unlock button launches the camera even when the device is "asleep".

Upgrade to 6.0.1 OTA distributed through small waves. If the Nexus device is announced about the new version — please wait or download the image independently.