Tablet with a "twist": a Review of the Turbopad 723

By 2015, progress in the field of "planetastroy" clearly slowed. In appearance, the flagships of the different years have to distinguish extremely difficult. As, however, and representatives of more budget offerings. Functionality, similarly, changed little. Yes, increasing the number of cores, Yes, increasing the amount of RAM. But, change is quantitative, not qualitative. The "wow effect", they do not cause, to be Frank.

There Are sometimes interesting moments - for example, the appearance in the segment of inexpensive devices, the chipset from Intel. Slightly distracting from the overall monotonous "MTK-Rockchip-MTK-MTK-Rockchip", isn't it? In General, today we will look at what can a bunch of Android 5.1+Intel. And do it on the example tablet TurboPad 723.


Let's Start of course with appearance. And be very concise, the device is a seven-inch rectangle of black color (also found the white option). It seems that this is becoming a classic of the genre. Rear camera, and a lid covering the expansion slots. There is one connector for a memory card and two under the SIM card.

Screen and stuffing

Set the matrix format 16x9, physical resolution is 1024x600 - so the resulting pixel density of 170ppi size. IPS technology allows you to watch the screen virtually at any angle without inverting colors and distortion of the image.

The Image is vivid and rich, the contrast is moderate, although there is a small bias in cool colors.

The Tablet runs on single-chip Intel Atom x3-C3230. Is the middle model in the line "Atoms" mid-2015, the main differences from the "big brother" x3-C3440 - the lack of LTE support, and less powerful graphics accelerator. However, it would be strange to see Mali T720 MP2, its a lot more expensive gadgets. Moreover, the capabilities of Mali-450MP4 enough in Epic Citadel the device is gaining 39fps - in real games, too bad the situation, FIFA 2015 start fast and play comfortable. The same can be said about Asphalt 8, even at maximum settings lost frames or stuttering is not seen. The result, according to the version of AnTuTu - 20890. All of the above in sum, given the good optimization, the characteristic of the fifth version of Android, gives good overall performance. None of the typical tasks of a difficulty is not caused nor FullHD video playback or surfing the web, or the opening of "heavy" documents. Heating of the case at high load is, but within acceptable limits. In addition, Intel in good faith has traditionally approached the issue of the heat sink, so that was throttling users will not have to face. This often err chipsets from the same MTK and Qualcomm, high load relieving frequency.


Pure Android, no third-party boot loaders and a minimum of preinstalled applications. I am glad that fashion is gradually becoming the principle, laid down a series of devices Nexus. Of the notable differences from the original Google - perhaps only the file Manager interface.


Includes 2 module, primary 2 MP and front 0.3 MP. For video calling and the occasional shooting overall plans enough, but a lot should not count. At the same time, by itself, the shooting of any tablet, even a small - a thankless task.

Interfaces and work offline

Collect the "gentleman's set" communication for free. What will be on it? Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, navigation module, 3G may LTE. All present except LTE but navigation can be carried out using GPS, and GLONASS. The sensitivity of all modules at a high level, Wi-Fi is fast and long range, and the satellites is set quite fast.

As for the battery, here we have a non-removable Li-ion battery capacity of 2500 mAh. Under standard usage scenarios of the tablet it freely is enough for 2 days, the video can be viewed continuously for about 6 hours. Charging is via the usual micro-USB and takes up to 2-2.5 hours.


The Surprise in the process of testing we have not experienced as feelings of frustration. Good performance, decent graphics card, great screen, stable performance (and CPU frequency) - it's all there. As we once again saw high-quality and balanced components, if not the most powerful, often able to deliver no less pleasure from work than a steaming hot multi-core "monsters".