More than two – say aloud: What are you listening to popular podcasters?

Recently we launched Droider Cast — a weekly podcast in which Boris Vedeno, Valery Istishab and Ilya Ryabov discuss the news in an informal setting. However, podcasts existed before us, and some of them are very popular.

Revision Droider asked well-known podcasters recommend an audio show on the Internet that they listen to.

Minority report

"minority report" is a record of radio "Echo of Moscow". In a half-hour program comes to a renowned expert, a journalist or a political scientist to comment on the latest news. The beauty is that people are different and their views too. This is interesting.

listen to "dissenting opinion"

Arzamas Academy

A Relatively new educational project dedicated to culture and the Humanities. History, philosophy, literature and painting — all those things that geeks like me spaces. In addition to podcasts, there are interactive content on the website, but I like the audio format. It specialists from the different areas doing courses of 5-8 editions of 15 minute on how to understand the avant-garde, as lived by the ancient Dukes, or how the language of architecture. It turns out the lecture for an hour and a half just to go to lunch and back. Overall, a great podcast for nerds.

listen to Arzamas Academy


Good entertainment podcast about games from the "Canobie". Themes, and submission features. I confess these podcasts I listen to when informative all over. But if I went to work in the car, I would use it to positive energy. Immediately after Droider Cast, of course.

listen to "covered"


These guys need no introduction. Podcasts cover almost all interesting geek topic: IT, science, movies, TV shows and games. Listen to them, to always stay "in the know".

listen to #BeardyCast

"How to Make the Game"

Sergey Galyonkin Mikhail Kuzmin 124 issue open to listeners the world of video games development. Almost every podcast to discussion joined by interesting guests, big name developers. Started to listen to them when I was far from the video game industry, hoping to understand where I can apply my skills. Now, when friends ask how to get into game development, I just take off the "CDI".

listen to "How to Make the Game"

"and the furious"

I am Sure that no one will remember this interesting... a Podcast? The transfer? Statement?. "Northern rage" — not a podcast in the usual sense of the format, and autoserial the book Photina Morozova. The story of the Soviet polar city beset by a mysterious zombie epidemic, has fascinated me since the first release. It's got everything: drama, love, conspiracy, politics, philosophy and stunning audio design. One problem — the schedule of the release, as the break between series sometimes lasts for several months.

listen to "Northern Rage"

Honestly, had never listened to podcasts, listening to it now and don't plan to start. Despite the fact that I have a few years so involved in the subject, to study proposals of the genre quite interesting. In the first period of the existence of "hell's Kitchen" I was focused on the script and directing the installation, because the correct cutting can turn even the sluggish issue in a very fun and scenarios is the most important. If you are going to record a podcast, you should pay attention to these moments. Provided that you're okay with leading a team, no burrs and is not afraid of the microphone. Listening to other people's content then you are unlikely to learn anything good. Max — will do worse than your idols.

Freakonomics Radio

In the podcast discuss various topics – from euthanasia to the Nobel prizes, but through the lens of Economics, but rather of the system of economic motivations. Very curious.

listen to Freakonomics Radio

You Are Not So Smart

The Podcast is the author of the eponymous blog (books) David Makrana. He talks about a variety of topics, but from the standpoint of psychology. Mostly about how the human brain can deceive itself.

listen to You Are Not So Smart

The Psychology of Video Games

Can't believe this is about the psychology in video games. Lead psychologist

listen to The Psychology of Video Games

Three Moves Ahead

Listen to regularly. In the podcast talking about strategy, Board and war games. It is better to listen selectively – that is interesting.

listen to Three Moves Ahead

"How to Make the Game"

With that, I'm not particularly interested in the game and never a gamer, I really like the "CDI". Format with invited guests-experts and dedication to the production of a narrow topic, it seems to me the most proper for podcasts. Of course, this approach has consequences. For example, the sound quality, it will not do to each guest to send the microphone. But in this case, the content prevails over the form.


Again, a podcast about the games I don't play. Started a podcast as an obvious zakos under "Hell's kitchen", reborn in a separate project "Disgusting men". But eventually the guys were able to find a unique style for what it great respect. Elements of audiomobile, sketches – I understand how need to bother to make such content on a different level, which could produce transmission on end. On the analogy of a popcorn movie, Not "brought" you can safely enter into the category of "popcorn podcast", in the sense that you can listen to, at least for the form, but to have fun.


The remains of the "Kotkata" that buried several times already, the guys were able to build a pretty interesting podcast about the movie. There I can hear about new movies (and not just talking about AAA titles, about which everything is known) and hear quite adequate opinion. In the future, I think they need a little work on form and structure, but the direction is set correctly.

listen to "Kinematika"


Scientific category podcast #BeardyCast have to listen, because his record and take me.

Droider Cast

Selfish to talk about native podcast? Maybe, but I really listen to him. More often than most of you. The first time a recordable release of Valera and Boreas, the second and subsequent a hundred times in the stage data. So the phrase "Every Saturday you hear in an empty room strangers voice" is not marked in the direction of a psychiatrist, and work on a new Droider Cast.

Listen Droider Cast

The Blerg

The Only English-language podcast that I listen to. Or rather, trying to. It is hard to understand, but for The Blerg worth a try.

Leader — known Android developer Chris Lacey. From his keys out Link Bubble, Action Launcher and Tweet Lanes. He is the invited guest (each time new), which discusses major events from the world of IT or any relevant topics that dealt with co-host.

listen to The Blerg


Not the first in the article, who is lavish with his compliments, Maxim and Pavel, a leading podcast. Before the guys had a difficult task — not to lower the bar of quality set of "Hell's kitchen" (a legend of Russian podcasting), but to avoid comparisons. In my opinion, they have succeeded.

"Hells Kitchen"

In the burning of Pandemonia podcasts about the game the first (rescue) range of genre is "Hells Kitchen". During recording, the men included GG Allin and gave into the microphone ore: performed covers of the singer Maksim, brought their own grandfathers in a circle (verbal) and have successfully penetrable salty in a pompous (and very boring) ass gaming journalism, which at that time was chilly skulking in the scrapie spirituality and verbal poverty. The image of the nonconformists, in which the middle finger is not bent 24/7, fired, becoming a curse and at the same time inspiring reference for those who want to be funny about the game.

listen to "Hell's Kitchen"

The Council Forcecast

The Council Forcecast ignores the leper colony out on iTunes and YouTube where I watch it 5-10 thousand people. 4 archetypal geek (conditional Sheldon, Leonard, Raj and Howard) talk for hours about books, comics and cartoons, "Star wars".

To understand the debate, you need to pass the minimum convert to Judaism — see 6 feature films and at the same time shake the familiar boom-the Rebbe on the theme of the new Canon (Star Wars has its own Apocrypha — "Legends," which are the actual chronology withdrew). Production from The Council Forcecast is zero, but if you plague a space Saga and know who the Chuck vending and Jason Aaron, you will understand the loneliness of the person (in Russia) no one with whom to discuss the wife of Han Solo, and evil DoppelgangeR C-3PO and R2-D2.

watch and listen to The Council Forcecast

  • Radio — instead of having to read all week a bunch of sites from the category of Habra, it is better to hear it in the podcast.
  • "Unitology" — the history of the Internet entrepreneurs. Very useful to know of a success story.
  • The"Hideous Men" — Pro games and not only. The guys are great.
  • — about "apples" and stuff from the fan perspective.
  • "Didzhestiv from Sascha and Kashi" — to compensate for the fan thing podcast above.