Lucky LG16 Prepaid TracFone smartphone for $10

Could you imagine a couple of years ago that Android smartphone with a decent, albeit budget features, will cost as refrigerator repair or a normal cell, and the "with hands"? Modestly, quietly, LG introduced the world to LG TracFone Prepaid Lucky LG16 - so imperceptibly that the information and rumors about him spread only after the appearance thereof in the store Walmart. And the reason for the rumors is, because looking at the price tag, you simply will not believe the eyes - a new smartphone can be purchased for only $10!

LG is trying to boost sales, try new business models, and although it is clear that for$ 10 does not pay off even part of the technical stuffing (not to mention the costs of Assembly and so on) - it is clear that the money LG will return, albeit in an indirect way. Not even so - has already returned, because Prepaid Lucky LG16 sold only under contract with the American mobile operator TracFone (choose between several tariff plans, with a focus on 3G network) and only in the USA, although, according to rumors, the smartphone will soon visit Britain.

What buyers will get for such a modest sum? For their "ultra-budget" class, Prepaid Lucky LG16 equipped with dual-core 1.2-gigagertsevym CPU, only has 4GB of internal memory (of course with SDkart slot up to 32 GB), a 3-megapixel camera and, accordingly, display with a diagonal of 3.8-inch - a miracle it works running Android 4.4 (upgrade to 5.0, let alone 6.0, can't wait). And while this is all we know about the new product. Agree, even without a front camera and other buns of the modern market is more than decent features for this price! But, alas, the Russian users remain on the sidelines.