Monitor Philips BDM3470UP: professional view into the future

Monitor Philips BDM3470UP – unusual model designed for professionals involved in the design and construction of the computer. Previously, professionals had to press their ambitious projects in a limited space of a small computer screens. However, a wide 21:9 format and scope of the creative ideas have to be different.

The monitor Screen BDM3470UP a diagonal of 34-inch looks like a merger of the two usual computer displays. Full HD resolution specifies the ratio, 3440x1440 pixels, where the value of one point is 0,232x0,232 mm. With these parameters, the human eye can not detect the border pixels.

The Manufacturer recommends for new users of design professions and those who are on duty have to work with color, photographers, and designers. On a large display screen can be carried out the presentation of their work. First, the screen now allows it. After all, a long diagonal and a vast horizon monitor will help to contain images of charts, plans, drawings, billboards and posters. On the screen BDM3470UP you can fully explore the drawing program, CAD/CAM, because every little detail will be perfectly viewable without additional scaling. And the MultiView technology allows you to work in different Windows, corresponding to the channels connected equipment – laptop, tablet, smartphone, PC.


Solid dense plastic stand allows you to mount the monitor on the table. A special lift mechanism moves the screen, adjusting height relative to the base. Also the screen rotates in the vertical plane, taking landscape or portrait orientation, which seems particularly useful for designers when presenting their work. Besides, despite the weight and overall device stand confidently cope with his support – nothing staggers and remains upright.

Support leg is Screwed to the body with four screws, but you can also hang the display on the wall using VESA-compatible bracket 100x100 mm.

Plug-in interfaces

Philips BDM3470UP supports the ability to synchronize channels HDMI with MHL and Display Port. All wires are equipped in the box with the monitor. On the side there are 2 classic slot USB 2.0 for peripherals and 2 ultra-fast USB 3.0 slots to connect drives and rapid charging of mobile devices.

Functional core

To connect external speakers to the monitor is not needed. In his body has two speakers 3 watts that produce quite a loud and distinct sound. AH-IPS with a response time of 5 MS translates a razor-sharp picture. On matte 34-inch display viewing angle image is 89 degrees in the vertical and horizontal planes.

Rich colors

The default Factory settings Philips BDM3470UP calibrated at a professional level. Brightness white reaches 246 CD./sq. m., and the brightness of the black – 0,32 CD./sq. m. the Resulting contrast is obtained at around 1000:1. The color range is almost entirely (95-96%) describes the sRGB space. Shimmer and gloss effect on the screen is impossible to see all clearly and coherently.


Philips BDM3470UP leaves a positive impression. Ergonomic stand, rugged, excellent portrayal of pictures in a wide format 34-inch diagonal, Yes, based on the matrix AH-IPS – the new version of the Philips, no doubt, pleased with their practicality and functionality. And professionals involved in the design of complex structures and components hierarchy of information, such as designers, architects, photographers, financiers, programmers, bloggers, model: expanding horizons, just can't be beat. In any case, experience Philips BDM3470UP worth it.