5 "superhero" phones for fans of comic books and cinema

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There are phones-the heroes — the ones that have enabled their producers to claim market dominance. And there are phone-superheroes – they are almost the same as the first, only created for fans of the comics. After all, they, like everyone else, are not averse to become owners of the latest and coolest devices. In addition, being a fan of technology, and superheroes, it's hard to resist when a new film is unwound along with chic-looking flagship.

If you can relate yourself to the target audience of such projects, you may be interested in a small selection of the five limit "superhero" phones. Is it in your soul don't move at the mention of the Galaxy S6 edge, the Iron man? Maybe I should finally listen to the voice of your inner child?

Samsung Galaxy S6 edge Iron Man edition

This summer, Samsung in partnership with Marvel launched in the Asian markets Galaxy S6 edge, the Iron man. Of course, the apparatus is made in a luxurious red and gold colors, the colors of the suit Tony stark. In addition, there is a theme for Android, devoted to "the Avengers" (with new icons, fonts and color scheme), and custom floor Mat for wireless charging, which looks like the ARC reactor. Samsung has got precisely in the purpose: it is easy to imagine with this machine as Tony stark, it just would have been in the spirit of his narcissism.

Nokia Lumia 900 "The Dark Knight Rises" limited edition

Hey, does anyone remember the Nokia Lumia 900? Yes, it was three years ago and three years ago came the film "the Dark knight. Rebirth of a legend". By coincidence appeared smartphone that combines the best of both worlds, and it was a Lumia 900 "The Dark Knight Rises". On his back, a symbol in the form of a bat, and inside – cool app Dark Knight Rises, where you can find a lot of Wallpapers, ringtones and games from Foursquare, which takes place supposedly in Gotham city.

Nokia Lumia 925 Superman Limited Edition

Only the next day after the release of "Man of steel" in June 2013, Nokia has released in China limited edition of the Lumia 925, is devoted to Superman. With the exception of the Superman logo on the back, this smartphone is no different from his unlimited option physically, but inside you can find a cool application Man of Steel with a lot of fan content such as Wallpapers, ringtones and digital versions of comics from DC.

Alcatel One Touch Idol Ultra Iron Man edition

One Touch Idol from Alcatel is the choice of Tony stark among the unremarkable middle. Here we also see a bright red as his supersuit, but the relatively small set of characteristics. Dual-core processor from MediaTek and 1 GB RAM Idol Ultra more suitable for the role of a backup machine for Iron man, but in the list he is deservedly so.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+ Ant-Man edition

And finally, we have Galaxy S6 Edge+ Ant-Man edition. Unlike the Pro version of Iron man, where Samsung has focused mainly on the design, the one about Ant-Man, more elaborate. There is a cool pattern on the back, a difference from the original version – in box, protective case that comes with the phone, and the theme with Ant-Man. Unfortunately, this version was released exclusively for China.

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