The Nexus team spoke about the reasons for the lack of wireless charging

Guys, Google Nexus recently answered questions from Reddit readers. The theme of the Nmenshe in size. exus devices excites many guys had to answer a lot of questions, among which was the one, why new devices from Google does not support wireless charging, which first appeared in Nexus 4.

The Answer was simple and logical. New 5X Nexus and Nexus used 6P connector USB Type-C. In smartphones the previous generation was a normal MicroUSB, but because the charging process was not easy, starting from what you need to get the plug in the direction shown, ending with the fact that the process of replenishment of the battery charge was quite lengthy. Then was the point to bother with wireless charging to make the process a little more convenient. However, support wireless charging would affect the thickness of the device, which is constantly trying to reduce, making new gadgets smaller and smaller. In addition, it could affect some of the additional cost of the devices.

With the advent of USB Type-C is no longer a problem of sticking of the cable. Now this is made easy and the speed of charging has increased significantly, which cannot be said about wireless charging.