Multifunctional headset Plantronics Explorer 50

Plantronics never ceases to amaze us with their creations. This time we will look at the multi – purpose development of the company- Bluetooth-headset Explorer 50 with the possibility of simultaneous pairing with two mobile sources.

This useful option will give users the ability to easily answer incoming calls while driving, listen to the music and follow the directions.


Simultaneous synchronization provides a special Multipoint technology. When I connect the accessory may take only one phone call. To answer the caller on the other line can only saying goodbye to the first source. That you have a call in parallel, the headset will notify you with the appropriate tone.


Explorer 50 meets the standards of high quality broadcast audio – however, like all other Plantronics headsets. Noise reduction suppresses ambient noise, picking out only the audio stream of speech of the speaker.


Explorer 50 boasts a long battery life. In standby mode the battery is able to supply the gadget energy for 12 days in continuous conversation, for 11 hours. But if a battery is discharged, charge can 2 hours using cable for Micro USB.

Multi around

Headset Explorer 50, looks like a Jack of all trades. The device may not only send a signal with the two gadgets at the same time, but also be used as headphones to listen to the GPS navigation prompts, audio books and music. So you can not only work and learn but also to relax.


Clever addition – a mobile app Plantronics Hub. It allows you to monitor the battery level of the accessory from the phone's display, and even provide step by step instruction on how to use it.

By the Way, background information is also incorporated in the preset device. The instruction is provided in the form of a voice menu.


The Model has a classic appearance. Front face decorated on the matte plastic in the form of diamond-shaped pattern. Black 50 case Explorer, you may notice the power key, the call volume. In the center of the front panel the status indicator lights, Micro USB connector is located on the top edge.

The Location of the navigation buttons is well thought out. All the commands are fast. The only time owners of large fingers will be harder to press on the tiny kopki. This is the price for compactness and the almost weightlessness of the device (10 grams).


The Model offers its owner the opportunity to decide on which ear to wear it. Special reversible earhook support design allows you to alternate options on the left or on the right side. But if you wear glasses, before buying you need to start to test the headset. In some cases, the handle may hit the glasses.


Plantronics Explorer 50 is a multitasking device, freeing the hands of its owner. It can be used to solve many problems in work, in study and in leisure. So the headset is, no doubt, can become an essential daily attribute.