OnePlus officially presented X

This infection, it progresses. The number of companies that produce devices now grows every day. And is only one model to somehow start to sell, as the vendor considers it his duty to begin to produce modifications to release the mini, churning out phablets, to change to change the color of the case, to give a new name and bring to market what has already been seen, but in the new box packaging.

No, OnePlus on their own, interesting company. They released the once killer flagships, which was quite interesting golovskoi the public. They played the drama with Cyanogen, which we watched with interest. And then gradually moved away from what was promised to us, for a fact, they and interested. OnePlus One offer uber-performance at a low price, why him and watched. Plus, like OS without unnecessary add-ons and debris.

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The OnePlus 2, releasing it, the company we immediately prepared for the fact that the device will be more expensive. The flagship, so the price will be almost at the level of other flagships, the glands as top, you have to pay.

It was the turn of the OnePlus X, which now seems like a budget, is cheaper, but the specs to flaunt. No, he's nice, but it is already clear that this is really contemporary middling. In the end, OnePlus is going to repeat the destiny of all to become major vendors to produce faceless device without raisins, trying to conquer the market of the quantity of models. The only company still really can not provide for their proper production. The invites for the purchase has not been canceled yet.

The OnePlus X you can buy in the US for about $ 250. You will get 5-inch screen with FullHD resolution, processor with a frequency 2,3 GHz, Quad-core Snapdragon 801, here graphics accelerator Adreno 330, RAM 3 GB, at least 16 memory constant. 13 megapixel main camera, 8 mega pixels reserved for the front. Battery here at 2525 mAh. There's no NFC, wireless charging and optical stabilization when shooting.

Agree, because these characteristics could be assumed quite accurately with a very small margin of error. Absolutely typical of a device that already does not particularly stands out in the Telecom market. Alas.