The new series of LEGO KNIGHTS NEXO blurs the boundaries between reality and virtual world

LEGO is a new series of LEGO NEXO KNIGHTSTM, in which the classical design of the cubes combined with a mobile game app and a new animated series. Now all adventurers can plunge into the wonderful universe of knights, in which they need the most modern technology to save the Kingdom Natania from villains.

In the story, five brave knights KNIGHTS NEXO – clay to Clay Morington, lance Richmond, Aaron Fox, Axel and Macy Halpert is supposed to protect the Kingdom from an army of Fire Monsters, which is managed by the evil jester Jestro. Each of the knights is allocated its own unique character, special talents, and own weapons and unique equipment.

To enhance the gaming experience, in addition to the range designers, the company has also developed a new free mobile app LEGO KNIGHTS NEXO: Merlock 2.0. It is designed for iOS and Android platforms and is compatible with a wide range of smartphones and tablets. The launch is scheduled for January 2016.

As told by its creators, the app is a brilliant action game with RPG elements. For victory over evil in the game heroes need the so-called NEXO Force – unique combat skills and abilities. Enter some NEXO Force in the application through the scanning of the boards, which can be found in the real world: t-shirts, posters, designers, and even on the screens while watching cartoon NEXO KNIGHTS. Total will be 170 different shields. This will create a single, both real and virtual world NEXO KNIGHTS.

Subsequently, further development of history and the emergence of a new NEXO Forces, missions, game elements and more.