The head of Windows development Joe Belfiore took a year off

Joe Belfiore, Microsoft Vice President and head of Windows development, took a year off to travel with the family on a trip.

According to him, such an idea he nurtured for a long time. Thus, Belfiore will temporarily leave his post from November 2015.

“I had this idea for several years. Given that our children are old enough to do something crazy, we decided to join the whole family to the program Semester at sea,” wrote Belfiore on his page on Facebook.

Yet the current Microsoft Vice President thanked the Corporation for providing a long vacation and said he will return to the same position next summer. Who will serve Belfiore until he returns, not reported.

Travel to a family Belfiore will begin in January 2016. He plans to visit the countries of Europe, Asia, Africa, the Caribbean and explore the North-West of the USA.

Note that cases of protracted vacations of key employees in large companies are not uncommon. Recently Konami soobshilithat game designer Hideo kojima went to the “long vacation” after the release of MGS V, explaining that “development of console games is very time consuming”.