The Minister of communications of the Russian Federation: "After seven years, every Russian domestic tablet"

From 22 to 23 October in Moscow will host the first Ministerial meeting on telecommunications and information technologies in the BRICS countries. Officials of Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa will gather to discuss the de-monopolization of the global IT market and creation of alternative solutions in the field of information security.

Wanting to draw attention to the meeting, Nikolay Nikiforov shared ambition in relation to import substitution gadgets.The Minister of communications I am sure that in 5-7 years every citizen of Russia will be tablets and smartphones by domestic brands.

"If you look five, seven years forward, all the same, each inhabitant of Russia will be of domestic tablet. Every police officer be a smartphone Russian production. We are talking about millions of devices that will be online to process the information official use only. For example, the tablet of the doctor will handle sensitive personal data of the population information about the state of health", — said Nikiforov.

Netizens reacted to the prediction of the Minister of communications with skepticism.

Minister of communications Nikiforov: "in 5-7 years, every Russian domestic tablet".

Rosa Moiseevna (@ANAKOYHER) October 18, 2015

Nikolai Nikiforov promised domestic tablet in the pocket of each citizen after 7 years. Magic eight ball said!

— Ryabova Twitter (@ilyaliya) October 19, 2015

— Hello, are you Russian? — Yes, but what? — I brought you Russian tablet. — Goodbye! — [puts his foot on the threshold, making it difficult to close door]

— Mikhail Kafanov (@AveMisha) October 19, 2015

Will Be in the bags and pockets of the Russians gadgets from Yota Devices, or it was about other manufacturers, the official did not elaborate.