Did you know that the Asus Zenwatch 2 is the speaker?

When I first learned that the Huawei smartwatch has a speaker, which does not separately stated, then the network is experiencing logical assumption that Android Wear will probably develop in this direction, and Huawei as partners of Google, are aware of this and has planned upgrade. However, for a long time on this subject, there was no official comment from either parties. Thus, we can assume that Huawei had set up a speaker just in case in the future will be useful.

However, not without having to not to look under the case and other smart watches. This time from Asus. Here, after analysis it turned out that the ZenWatch 2 is also has a small speaker, which is now so far not used. It can be seen in the pictures to the article. Now assume that Google to this still involved, telling electronics manufacturers on Android Wear that in the future this item can actually be, if not necessary, at least not too much. However, while on the level of rumors.

Although, in confirmation of this theory we can take the fact that earlier in hours from the same vendor and their colleagues are no speakers was not.

In fact, while it's not so easy to imagine some situations when the speaker is in hours will be useful. Music through it is unlikely someone will listen, and it is difficult to do without a paired smartphone. Except that any notice will learn to give itself felt and yet with the sound or speaker will help, for example, in navigation or for voice technologies Google to read aloud the message, etc, however, Google in their labs can do something fresh to think of. Waiting.

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