On hand to wear: 5 new smart wristbands

On data RBC, in the second quarter of 2015, Apple brought to Russia 12 000 copies Watch. Thus, the company can rightfully wear the medal for superiority in the supply of "smart" gadgets in the domestic market.

However, once you look at the price of Apple Watch in Russia (27 990 rubles for the most affordable version of the Sport), as visited by the idea that a mechanical watch is not so "stupid". But all is not lost – there is a compromise between cost and functionality. Revision Droider remembered, some of the representatives of fitness trackers and smart bracelets are noteworthy.

Amazfit from Xiaomi

Amazfit became a popular reinterpretation of the Mi Band, the first smart bracelet Xiaomi. Instead of releasing a sequel, the company experimented with the design. Externally, the bracelet resembles a decorative button threaded through the lace. Due to the unusual appearance, the bracelet looks as a fashion accessory, not a geek toy.

Opportunities, in comparison with the Mi Band, has not increased. Amazfit works with Android and iOS, monitors physical activity, sinhroniziruete data with a smartphone, and wakes up the user pleasant, but noticeable vibration. Payback for the look is functional — instead of a month, the Mi Band, Amazfit stand about 10 days. To sweeten the pill can only wireless charging bracelet.

"Smart button" with a standard strap will cost $ 50, but Xiaomi promised to release a multitude of bracelets and chains that will allow you to carry Amazfit with any clothes.

2 Smartband from Sony

On 20 August Sony announced the second generation of the bracelet Smartband. The novelty has kept the minimalist and nice materials. Slightly changed the time and set of additional functions.

The functionality of the wristband from Sony fits competitors models: counting distance traveled and steps smart alarm clock with sleep phases, duplication of the call mobile, not to miss the call. Supports Android and iOS smartphones. On a single charge Smartband 2 will last 2 days in regular mode and one more day with Stamina mode active.

The Recommended price in Russia is 7 990 rubles. Buyer available in several colors: black and white, dark blue and pink.

The Huawei Honor Band

Along with the flagship Honor 7, Huawei unexpectedly showed accessory called Honor Band. The gadget is very similar to smart watches, but it's a fitness tracker with advanced features. Bracelet with round touch screen and several interchangeable straps looks neat. In the company the design is called "Scandinavian".

As for battery life, the Honor Band operates on one battery for 3 days, not 2 weeks, as previously thought.

Honor Band is protected from dust and water (immersion up to 10 meters) works with Android and iOS. Capable of almost all that know how bracelets from this list Droider. The benefits include displaying the time, missed calls and messages on the screen. The novelty will appear in Russia in the 4th quarter of 2015 at a price of 4 990 rubles.

T-band from Teslawatch

Externally, the T-band Smartwatch 2 resembles Sony rubberized bracelet, inside of which are the pressure sensors and accelerometer. The creators have tried to make the owner comfortable to wear the accessory and didn't feel skin irritation.

All the manipulations are carried out with Teslawatch through the app (available versions for iOS and Android). The program provides 4 modes: daily activity, exercise, NAP, night sleep. The first records the steps and calories; "Training" replaces the time and intensity of physical activity. The third and fourth regimes collect data on the sleep of the owner of the bracelet.

The Price in retail stores about 3 490 rubles.

Band 2 from Microsoft

Compared with the first generation Band 2 will change significantly in appearance. Change angular plastic body came with metal and glass along with the screen is slightly curved for comfortable fit bracelet. This is the only gadget from our selection with a color display.

The screen will display notifications, step count, music control keys, etc. The announcement of the gadget is expected on 6 October together with WIndows 10 Mobile and the flagship Lumia 950 and 950 XL.

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