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Tonight: famous platformer from developers Crescent Moon Games The Deer God; classic representative of the genre JRPG Dragon Quest IV, a game in the genre of Roguelike — A Tale of Survival; the two word games — Aworded and Word Crack; online quiz — Trivia Crack; space arcade syder Arcade HD; applications: improvement of vision with Ultimeyes; a simple launcher — Lightning Launcher.


The Deer God -29%

Beautiful platformer Crescent Moon Games. You will find a nice pixel graphics and an interesting story.

Price: 328 roubles

Dragon Quest IV -33%

One of the brightest representatives of the genre JRPG. For 5 levels you have to play for different characters and battle enemies.

Price: 554 rubles

A Tale of Survival -40%

An Adventure game in the Roguelike genre with a fully open world.

Price: 60 rubles

Aworded (ad) -67%

Word Game, received the title "Best game in AppStore" for 2012.

Price: 65 rubles

Word Crack -67%

Compete with friends in search of words for a limited time.

Price: 65 rubles

Trivia Crack -67%

An Exciting quiz with many interesting and challenging puzzles and brainteasers.

Price: 65 rubles

Syder Arcade HD -40%

A 2D arcade game in space: collect bonuses, improve and destroy enemies.

Price: 68 roubles



Ultimeyes -40%

Improve visual acuity, using the hidden abilities of the human brain, which divides the received visual information on the particular blurry Gabor patterns.

Price: 392 ruble

Lightning Launcher -50%

A Simple and fast launcher with a large selection of themes and flexibility in customization.

Price: 75 roubles

Today everyone. The issue turned out pretty poor on the app, but there is a very good game.

We Wish You a beneficial shopping!

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