[IFA 2015] exhibition Results according to IT-journalists

IFA 2015 came to a logical conclusion. It's time to assess the "harvest" of the announcements and presentations, and to give predictions on the future of the industry.

Hidden Inside the digest video Droider, but also experience IT-journalists in Berlin gadgets.

The exhibition was on so many major announcements. Some companies failed and showed the gadgets in advance. For Example, Samsung. At the same time, Koreans are pleasantly surprised by a watch. Although some of the interface design nicked from colleagues from Cupertino. As a result, to use Gear S2 is more convenient than devices on Android Wear or watchOS.

Sony qualitatively upgraded the line flagship. Now they are 3 pieces. The older version Z5 Premium took the status of the first smartphone with a 4K screen. It is difficult to explain why on the smartphone wild 807 ppi.

Trolling Apple scored again Huawei. The Chinese released the first smartphone with Touch Force. However, not figured out how to use the technology sensibly. Except that the apples weigh. On the show, the representatives of the company suggested to send them ideas — syllogism.

Acer and Lenovo have hit the gaming industry. Even opened a whole section of the Predator. However, from the last I was waiting for the new products under the Motorola brand, In particular, the smart watch Moto 360. The design has lost the uniqueness, the product line is similar to the Apple Watch. There are different sizes, a sports version and a version for girls.

Samsung stanovitsya independent gadgetmania. New watch Gear S2 was for me the main gadget of the exhibition. Yes, there is substantial borrowing from the Apple Watch, but the key – the control wheel around the dial is a know – how of corerev, I shake her hand.

But Huawei is the spitting image of Samsung's two years old, which teases Apple before the launch of new products: the technology Force Touch, the pink coloring of the flagship.

Lenovo has finally shown itself to be a powerful player in the market. At the presentation it was everything from gaming computers and compact workstations to the new Moto 360. Last impressed by the scale of the ambition. Together with Huawei is new leaders who are about to begin preloading Samsung and Apple. In fact, already begun.

The IFA in 2015, in my opinion, was boring. Although I like the Xperia line (Z5 Compact will probably be the next companion), surprise Sony did not. In "good" tradition, the news about the news "leaked" to the network 2 weeks before the announcement. The funny thing is that the most interesting announcement of the company — a hybrid watch Wena Wrist showed in the framework of a crowdfunding platform First Light and not IFA. Overall, smartphones and tablets made rather a yawn.

Huawei is generally high on the top ten with weights on the smartphone screen. The little child does not teshilos, just to not do "smart" watches.

By the Way, about the watch. Gear S2 was in real life nice, but the pros kills Tizen. Especially in light of the announcement Wear on iOS.

Which was a pleasant surprise is the PC part of the exhibition. First magnetic modular computer from Acer. If not go to the people, but is a cool alternative to the standard polsana squatting around the system unit. This is the idea with the IFA, to me, is actively developed. Routers from ASUS got so infernal appearance that it is time to bring them human sacrifices, but this is not top design ideas.

Every technovista I'm waiting with some apprehension. For IT-a journalist who goes directly to the pavilions, is an exhausting days running between presentations and gadgets, filming and editing. But with adventures, travels and interesting encounters. For the editorial team, providing a reliable rear, is the day-three at a computer in the "Come on faster, there are new pictures in Dropbox already are!".

So for the exhibition I have prepared in advance — get enough sleep! However, this time without dressing. No Abraham, no hot news, all plus or minus known. This is the light version turned out. Few interesting things. I even leave the house.

What impressed you? I was hoping to provide some interesting options, but in my head they all come with some caveats. Lenovo Vibe S1 from the two front cameras? Hardly there is a real need. Primo Jade from Acer on Windows 10? But it is unclear how it will work. Moto 360 (2015)? Still with the stripes. Mate's from Huawei smartphones in Libra? Why?!

Actually remember only 2 things. Rolly Keyboard from LG, folding Bluetooth keyboard, which can facilitate the backpack on a few pounds, but wins in autonomy and compactness (already plan to buy, to be honest), and the modular computer Revo Build M1-601 from Acer that everyone is talking about because of the form factor.

So after a few days of distance race at the IFA 2015, I can only say one thing — I'm not impressed. Probably forgot the first rule of exhibitions of recent years — don't expect too much.

Before IFA in the first place was waiting for a new generation Note from Samsung. This year the Koreans made a presentation at a separate event held almost a month before the exhibition. But this does not mean that Berlin did not bring anything to draw attention.

Oddly enough, I zapomnilis watch. From 3 models – the new Moto 360, Huawei Watch and Gear S2. The first is simply cool and balanced, the second have a perfect screen, but a little bite in terms of price, while others offer a completely new control method, which is, I think, should be in all the "smart" clock.

Otherwise, can't call anything truly memorable. Stands Xperia Z5 Compact. At the moment Sony is the only manufacturer that produces top-end hardware in a compact body. I don't really like the design of the smartphone, however, believe that Compact shoot and show other manufacturers that smartphones up to 5-inch are much in demand.

More than anything I strongly hooked, I can't remember. Perhaps that's a good crazy guys from ASUS that showed a laptop with liquid cooling. It is not clear who needs it, but it looks very cool. Most of the exhibitions.

Many mobile geeks IFA 2015 might seem quite boring. 4K displays, Force Touch in smartphones (by hours many have criticized this technology) and, perhaps, that's all tried to interest electronics manufacturers.

A circular smartwatches from Motorola and Samsung were all known in advance, so a special wow factor they brought. However, I believe that technology has stalled, too. It was the last 1-2 years the company began to actively compete for customers not by megapixels and giguere, and "highlights".

Quantity is transformed into quality therefore, the modern consumer can safely relax and not to rush to update current models. Me throughout the exhibition attracted drone BB-8 from the new Star Wars movie.

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