Tablet MiPad 2 from Xiaomi can get a processor from Intel

Intel for many years is the undisputed leader in the market of processors for desktops and laptops. But to achieve the same title in the field of mobile solutions, the company has not out — ruled by Qualcomm. In fact, the solution from Intel in smartphones and tablets only used by Taiwanese manufacturer ASUS. However, loneliness may soon be broken.

According to rumors, the Xiaomi company is considering to install the chipset from Intel's new tablet.

We are Talking about the second generation MiPad. Hearing about the use of Intel went a long time, but now there details.

The Tablet will work on one of the members of the family Cherry Trail. The Junior from Bay Trail it features support for more RAM, powerful graphics and decoding various video formats.

It is Expected that the Xiaomi MiPad will provide updated until the end of September, and as a pre-installed system may be Windows 10 and/or Android 5.1.

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