Dark Waters – a review of mobile games with 3 types of gameplay

Recently the developer Ar Ministry made the game in the canadian animated series Slugterra. It is a world located deep underground, where found refuge a completely different life.

In the game universe have to defeat the main villain, and also to gather a collection of creatures – slugs. Which are Pets, and weapons.

Not so complicated as it might seem at first glance. Let's order. You – Eli, the main character of the eponymous animated series, who must defeat the evil Dr. blakk, trying to capture the underground world. Since the toy is on the plot, then this is an important point.

Opening the app, are pleasantly surprised with the execution of the main menu. Standard 3 buttons, and the background of the live gameplay, like in "Metro Last Light or Witcher 3." That's an interesting move for a mobile game. Then begins the main action. Admittedly, the authors attempted here to go on-to the adult: the stairs on the map, changing the plans of events before the camera, the graphics on the top. The feelings can be compared with the first PlayStation. The game would be perceived as a complete port from the console, if not one omission is the lack of voice acting. In this sense, there is a 16-bit Sega, in which the phrases are written in the dialog boxes.

For our taste, the phrase could be spelled out better. But the game is for children, so you can make a discount. Anyway, this disadvantage is quickly offset by interesting gameplay. It works all around, like in Warcraft, where to travel, pick points on the map, and attack by clicking on enemies.

The Emphasis in this mode is extremely simple. The hero is a Blaster with inexhaustible ammunition, but limited rate of fire. Is the slugs. To compare the characters with cartoon bullets from the movie "Who framed Roger rabbit?", who themselves flew over the goal. The idea in Dark Waters is the same, only slugs and even 3 different effects: attacking, slowing, and "long-acting", like poisoning. Creatures homing, but they can run away, as it was in the movie. In fact, running away is the basis of gameplay. Since bullets and slugs are flying long, then the hero needs to constantly move around the map, so he wasn't hit. In this case, you must select a firing position, in order not to miss. Because the enemies stand still not going.

In this way built different format of gameplay – duel. As soon as the character reaches them, the game is transformed. In this mode, third person and reminds me of the old westerns where there is you and the enemy. Here it is possible to move only left-right, only shoot slugs. As mentioned above, after the shot, the opponent has a chance to Dodge the attack. Then the most interesting. Shooting yourself, you can control the projectile. Left-right, of course. These flying "bullets" are slow, so you have enough time to aim carefully. If 2 of the cartridge face, the third mode is a fighting game. Slug must defeat the foe and continue their journey. This is done by tapping on the screen: the faster, the stronger.

Nothing About the story will not speak. Spoilers, you know. But the goal in the game. The evil doctor found a way to turn creatures of the underworld to evil, giving them a substance called "Dark water". Hence the name of the game.

By the Way, the toy is shareware. The desire "to create" does not appear immediately, and perhaps do not have, because pumping is interesting here.

To summarize that Dark Waters is made very solidly, with a claim on the mobile title is "AAA". In addition to these drawbacks (if any of those are for children), the game was not. Overall, the release deserves a place on the smartphone is not only a fan of the cartoon.

PS Slugs – collect them all! Although, wait a minute...

Download Slugterra:Dark Waters is available for free in Google Play