The musical theme of the game the Witcher 3 in the style of heavy metal

the Witcher 3 wild Hunt - a game, which attracted attention. It and is clear: more than 200 hours of play, intricate storyline, many side quests, great graphics, constantly releasing add-ons DLC. In short, the developers tried that the fans of the series were not disappointed. Therefore not surprising that around fun, a whole community. And it in turn creative in response.

Chris Tranmer beat the main musical theme of the Witcher 3 on the electric guitar. However, this is not the first video when the fans are trying to make their heavy metal treatment. But this video has been a different story: he was noticed by the developers of the toy and shared videos in official Twitter account CD Project Red.

Distortion and percussion added to the original theme: "Sword of destiny", but it turned out really organic place. Turned out really gorgeous. The melody is mesmerizing and impressive.

Sam Chris commented that he just wanted to make a decent cover of the melody, which eventually did, and he was pleased that his work was noticed and appreciated.

By the Way, if you are too lazy to run through the rest of the video Chris, you'll find it and other interesting record, for example, cover tracks from Bloodborne.

\m/ Heavy Metal It!