Portable audio in retro style. An overview of the MySound audio player BT-18 from Rombica

The audio Player is Packed in an opaque cardboard box. Bright and attractive packaging design makes its mission, attracts attention, makes you want to pick up and learn more about this device. All useful information is collected on the back of the box, so before buying you can understand what you're dealing with.

With the gradual extinction of physical media music the primary means of acquiring and storing music be smartphones, tablets, laptops, and network servers. Owing to this fact, wireless video cameras, long part of the acoustics market, is now experiencing its heyday. I offer an overview of portable speakers where style complements the functionality. We are talking about the audio player BT-18 from the mysound from Rombica.


Review budget smartphone Fly FS407 Stratus 6

It is Worth noting that the majority of the Fly brand is designed not for everyone. More on these smartphones pay attention to the people of the regions, users with small queries, as well as parents to their child always remained in touch. If you consider buying a smartphone for the latter case, the state employees from the Fly – is truly a godsend.

Despite the hype around the flagship models from top brands, the fact remains that the public sector is necessary and important. This time to us to edition came super budget smartphone from Fly FS407 Stratus 6. Of course, the performance leaves much to be desired, but still let's see what we can survive from this model.


It also disclosed details Droidcon Moscow 2016

Natalia Alimova, I. O. SMO e-Legion

September 22 in Moscow hosted the third annual conference Android-developers Droidcon Moscow 2016. In Technopolis gathered more than four hundred greedy of knowledge of the participants, Google Developer Expert s and media representatives. The event was organized by Apps4All developing Russian community of mobile developers, and a leader of mobile development in Russia and abroad e-Legion .


Released a more affordable version of the Meizu MX6

Hidden Inside MediaTek Helio X20 with ten cores, the graphics processor ARM Mali-T880, internal memory 32 GB, main camera Sony 12 megapixels with phase detection autofocus, front 5-megapixel camera. The device is equipped with a connector USB Type-C and a battery capacity of more than 3000 mAh technology-enabled mCharge 3.0.

Meizu MX6 got a more affordable version. Updated smartphone unlike conventional MX6 will receive a reduced amount of RAM: 3GB vs 4GB. Everything else, like its predecessor: all-metal body with a 5.5-inch display covered with protective 2.5 D glass.


Not iPhone 7s will

In the new smartphone, according to rumors, it is expected an improved main camera and a great redesign: all-glass enclosure, frameless design with integrated fingerprint scanner and camera. Rumors still going to be some, because the product has become iconic for Apple.

iPhone 7s will not, instead, Apple, contrary to the tradition of naming the company will release the iPhone 8. This is due to the round date for Apple - the tenth anniversary of the release of the first iPhone. Thus, the manufacturer will emphasize the global nature of the changes in iPhone 8 – told Business Insider the employee of the company, which develops hardware for future trends.


Xbox One owners are the most active gamers

Research firm GlobalWebIndex conducted a study, which surveyed nearly 18,000 users of game consoles in the age from 16 till 64 years.


Google, Microsoft, Facebook, IBM and Amazon unite for the development of AI

By 2016, the question of artificial intelligence has moved from a futuristic in the pressing, so competing IT companies decided to join forces.


In Google Inc are preparing smart watches on the electrophoretic screen

The Company Verily, part of Google Inc, engaged in the smart watch, devoid of the problems of daily recharging.


Spotify is considering the purchase of a music hosting service SoundCloud

There are rumors about plans to acquire Spotify music hosting service SoundCloud. Streaming service expects to strengthen its position for future competition with Apple Music.


Huawei is working on a smartwatch based on Tizen OS

Google has been slow to develop an OS for wearable electronics Android Wear. The company anonsirovana large-scale system upgrade in may, but the watches still not received it. It seems that the producers sensed something was wrong and began to look for an alternative OS.


Apple is already engaged in the creation of iPhone 8

Just the iPhone 7 and 7Plus started to sell in Russia, as there were rumors about the next generation of Apple's smartphone.


Safe Galaxy Note 7, too, explode?

And here is a new incident of explosion occurred again in China, this country named Hui Renji acquired a Galaxy Note 7, numbered as safe (black square on the box), and less than a day smartphone exploded while charging from MacBook. According to the owner, he almost immediately was contacted by Samsung to provide a smartphone for the examination and installation of the cause of the explosion.

Black strip for the reputation of Samsung is not over. After investigation and review of the explosive and the start of supply of safe smartphones Galaxy 7, still skips in the news cases of the explosion of the flagship. And here is the unknown: the reason is whether the defect of the phone or someone trying to become famous or earn money. After all, China has uncovered two cases of intentional external heating apparatus to simulate the explosion.


IPhone 7 drill mini-Jack

The Guy openly mocking, even holding the iPhone the grip 7b, when the screen began to respond to the touch of metal, the blogger reports that this is a normal reaction, then the process goes according to plan.

Users of the iPhone 7 surprise online community. Watching the video blogger TechRax, many rushed to actually drill their smartphones. The thing is, what TechRax said, allegedly hid the usual Apple connector 3.5 mm under the body of the gadget, it is necessary only to drill again to start to use your favourite earphones.


The experiment showed that a smartphone can significantly reduce your concentration

The experiment involved 95 volunteers of both sexes and different ages (from 19 to 56 years). Volunteers needed to call the letter, which was shown on two monitors and that quickly changed.

Experts found out, how does the smartphone for productivity. To do this, an experiment was conducted, which identified the ability to concentrate attention depending on the location of the smartphone. It was suggested that four situations: the smartphone was in your pocket, on your desktop, in a locked box and were removed from the premises.


Xiaomi introduced the Mi and Mi 5s 5s Plus

Contrary to expectations, both dressed in all-metal housing, good old 3.5 mm audio Jack in place, and about the dual camera, there are nuances. But about all under the order.

At the presentation of Xiaomi, where he introduced a new TV and other devices, the main attention was still paid to the new flagship - Xiaomi Mi 5s and 5s Plus, about which there were a lot of rumors before the announcement, not all of which were confirmed.


BlackBerry refused to produce smartphones

The Canadian company BlackBerry will no longer develop and manufacture smartphones. Instead, developers focus on software security products.


Droider Show #258 Russian and Snowden vs iPhone

On the shelves of Russian stores delivered the same "rolls with Apple and figure 7, and Droider Show is traditionally broadcasts about the main gadget-the events of the week: Google has released another promising Allo messenger with a built-in Assistant, leaked rumors about merging Android and Chrome OS (the result is Andromeda). Meanwhile in Russia are preparing their own iPhone.

Gadgets, too hot. In November, will see the light serial samochowiec Nike Hyperadapt 1.0 - just like in the future, GoPro has finally revealed the drone - Karma and introduced a new generation of action – Hero 5, and Snapchat changed the name and released the first gadget glasses camera Spectacles.


Mavic Pro from DJI is a collapsible quadcopter with 4K camera

The drone industry is constantly evolving and the recent announcement GoPro proof. Today responded with the "king" of the market.


Shazam for Android has learned to auto-detecting music

The Administration of the shopping center or restaurant, where you briefly heard the song, rarely willing to explain the discography of the musician. For such situations there is a Shazam with peers.


Samsung Pay will work in Russia from September 29

At the end of the year payment system of the smartphone manufacturers rushed to Russia. First became known the arrival of Apple Pay, now with a similar statement was made by Samsung.